Superior Electrical Equipment Calibration in Toronto, ON

Ensure your Criterion electrical equipment is working properly by seeking the services offered by Criterion Instruments. We provide comprehensive solutions for electrical equipment calibration in Toronto, ON, working on both new and used instruments.


When calibrating our new products, our team will issue a certificate of compliance. This certification ensures that the equipment meets our original specifications. Additionally, we typically do not attach a calibration sticker to your device unless you request one. Contact us to learn more about our services or to discuss our calibration of new equipment.

Our repair and calibration services at Criterion Instruments Ltd. will ensure that you have the accuracy and dependability you require from your testing equipment. You need to know you are getting the correct numbers from the gear while using it in the shop or the field. Our techs have the skills and experience to ensure that precision. Our attention to detail and unerring calibration process provides you with confidence that your testers are as zeroed-in as possible.

Testing for Line Leaks

As technical experts, you know that cables and lines can be the source of power leakage, signal degradation, and many other problems that can appear as gremlins in the system. If it’s up to you to track down the issue as part of your duties, then you need reliable and effective line cord and cable testers to help you pinpoint any fault in the line. It can be very time-consuming and frustrating if you don’t have the right equipment for this job. It doesn’t have to be, and it won’t be if you use the gear we provide at Criterion Instruments Ltd. We offer a variety of testers and fault locators that will save you plenty of time, money, and stress in your search for the problem.

Working on Used Products

At our company, we offer calibration and repair solutions for our used electrical equipment. With these services, our team will ensure that your equipment meets our original specifications and that it is ready to use. We will also attach a calibration sticker to these used pieces, which will detail the month and year of the used equipment calibration as well as the due date for the recalibration. This way, you will know when you need to send in the equipment for new testing and repairs. To learn more about tour-used equipment testing or to have our team calibrate your current instruments, reach out to our office.