CRITERION INSTRUMENTS LTD.

                          8 SKAGWAY AVENUE, UNIT # A, TORONTO, ONTARIO CANADA M1M 3V1


                                      Tel: ( 416 ) 299-6666     Fax:  ( 416 ) 299-8398

                                      TOLL FREE IN CANADA & USA ONLY:  1-800-268-6886


                                          REPAIR  &  CALIBRATION

    CALIBRATION OF          We calibrate our new equipment and issue a certificate of

    NEW EQUIPMENT:         compliance only, the certificate indicates that the equipment

                                          meets its original specifications, which are specified by

                                          Criterion Instruments.  


                                          WE DO NOT ATTACH A CALIBRATION STICKER ON NEW

                                          EQUIPMENT UNLESS REQUESTED BY THE BUYER.



   OF USED EQUIPMENT:   We repair and calibrate equipment that is made by Criterion

                                         Instruments only.  We repair and calibrate it to meet the

                                         original specifications and issue a certificate of compliance,

                                         which indicates the date of calibration and the due date for

                                         recalibration. We also attach a calibration sticker to the

                                         equipment which indicates the month and the year of 

                                         calibration  and the due date for recalibration.     



   STANDARDS:                 Our standards are traceable to NRC & NIST


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